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About Tri Town Motors

Welcome to Tri Town Motors. We are a first generation full service automobile facility with a solid business model, interested in becoming a staple business in the tri town area. We are in the building stages making a solid foundation for what we are sure will be a model for new businesses trying to establish themselves within the community. We have a transparent attitude and are dedicated to building a foundation where trust is at the center of all of the relationships we are building. From the time you enter our establishment and are greeted by our welcoming coffee bar and smiling sales staff you will know you are in the right place for either your next car purchase or warm friendship building experience. We are dedicated to making sure that the cliche of the car buying experience is forgotten as soon as you walk through our doors. We long for the opportunity to first gain your friendship and then your trust, we are interested in insuring that your car experience here is pressure free and that  you know that nothing is as important as your confidence in us after the sale as it is in finding exactly what you need. Please stop by and either just say hello or let us know what it is that we can do to help alleviate the stigma attached to purchasing a used car. We guarantee when you leave here you will feel more like family than a customer. We look forward for the opportunity to call you our friends. Please visit our website at tritownmotors.com or just stop by and say hello.

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